Clarios to Discuss Battery Technology and Electrification as Part of Morgan Stanley’s 7th Annual Auto 2.0 Conference


Clarios, producer of one-in-three of the world’s car batteries, will participate in a virtual “fireside chat” conversation at Morgan Stanley’s 7th Annual Auto 2.0 Conference on Jan. 11.

Craig Rigby, Clarios vice president, technology, will share insights into the role of 12V battery technology as electrification continues to grow worldwide throughout the automotive industry.

Clarios projects the global demand for this technology to increase by 236 million batteries by 2040, an increase of 63 percent in 20 years. Clarios estimates most vehicles will require a 12V battery for essential, safety-critical functions, such as supporting peak energy loads for steering and braking systems, powering over-the-air updates when the vehicle is off and for electric or hybrid vehicles, supplying power to low-voltage systems if the primary battery fails.

Next-generation lead battery technology will unlock its full potential, pushing the boundaries of electro-chemistry performance, delivering significant improvement in charge acceptance to not only enable the latest vehicles features and usage, but ensure sustained performance over time for all-electric and eventually, autonomous vehicles. 

Additionally, the 12V lead battery is the world’s best example of a circular economy. In fact, 99 percent of battery materials can be recovered, recycled and remade. Through a decades-long partnership with retailers and dealers, Clarios collects, recovers and reuses 8,000 batteries every hour, every day, across the globe. Beyond using recycled or reclaimed materials to build high-performance batteries, Clarios helps to greatly reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gases.

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