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Clarios Foundation Announces Next Steps for Protecting Every Child’s Potential Partnership

October 15, 2020

In July, the Clarios Foundation, Pure Earth and UNICEF launched Protecting Every Child’s Potential, a three year partnership to help prevent children’s exposure to lead.

All of the partners were excited to announce the next step in our joint effort to protect children across the world during a virtual event, hosted by former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta Fore.

Watch the playback of the event here.

Supporting our sustainability strategy, the event shared further details on how the initiative is helping to eradicate toxic lead exposure among children around the world; grounded by the fundamental belief that every child has a right to health and well-being and all children should have the chance to achieve their full potential.

“The data is clear, and the solutions to this issue are known,” said Adam Muellerweiss, Chief Sustainability Officer, Clarios. “Everyday batteries around the world are safely and responsibly collected, transported and recycled. This is what we do, and we invite others to join us to help protect the health and potential of every child.”

Read the official news release about the event and check out further details of the partnership and its progress at

About PECP:

Around 1 in 3 children – up to 800 million globally – have blood lead levels indicative of lead poisoning. PECP will work to raise awareness of the impact of lead exposure on children’s long-term health and development and mobilize action to curtail dangerous practices that cause harmful lead exposure. It will draw on the three organizations’ complementary expertise: the rehabilitation of contaminated sites, the safe manufacturing and responsible recycling of lead acid batteries, and the promotion of children’s health and rights.

Clarios Foundation will fund the formation of the PECP initiative, help mobilize support, and bring its expertise in sustainable circular economy innovation for lead-acid batteries.

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