CEO Mark Wallace introduces Clarios Sustainability Blueprint

July 28, 2020

How will Clarios deliver truly sustainable value?

The answer is laid out in our Clarios Sustainability Blueprint. This roadmap for our future charts our course to create the world’s smartest energy storage solutions that benefit people, business, and the planet.

Not only is it how we build a better, safer and stronger company -- it is how we will leave the world better than we found it. 

We build on a foundation of bedrock.  Our Clarios Values and Code of Ethics remind us — and others — who we are, what we stand for and how we get things done.  We operate to the highest level of performance at every location, in every situation, and at all times in a manner that is protective of both people and the environment. 

Through the blueprint’s five pillars: Value, Operational Excellence, Life-Cycle Stewardship, Transparency and Advocacy, we will unlock our unparalleled capabilities in battery innovation, design, materials sourcing, manufacturing, distribution, circular economy and recycling.  Protecting people and the planet is more than good business, it is our business.   

The choices we make along the way say a lot about us as individuals and as an organization. We want to be known for making the right choices -- choices that support growing a company we can be proud of -- and operating in a responsible and sustainable fashion.

Working together with our customers and partners, we will pursue inclusive and sustainable growth. The Clarios Sustainability Blueprint represents the next step in our commitment to make the world better today, and power progress into tomorrow.  

View the full Clarios Sustainability Blueprint here.

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