Clarios AGM batteries: The powerful answer for commercial trucks and heavy-duty vehicles

The number of commercial trucks operating worldwide continues to grow, creating a growing need for Clarios absorbent glass mat (AGM) batteries—the optimal solution for handling higher electrical loads while also meeting a higher bar for sustainability.

Heavy-duty vehicles already require more power than average passenger vehicles. Three key trends are further increasing demands on the battery:

  • More driver assistance technology. Safety features such as lane departure alerts, forward-collision avoidance and autonomous emergency braking help protect drivers and vehicles. They also require batteries that can deliver essential power efficiently and reliably.
  • More creature comforts. Long-haul truckers spending mandatory rest periods in their vehicles expect power for heating/cooling as well as smartphones, tablets, microwave ovens and more. Industry and regulatory requirements to reduce idling mean trucks need batteries that allow for deeper discharge.
  • More regulation. Regulatory requirements and sustainability expectations are rising as rapidly as power loads. Vehicle manufacturers and fleet owners seek to reduce carbon dioxide emissions even as operating hours increase.

It all adds up to a need for better energy storage—and Clarios has the answer: our AGM battery solution.

AGM batteries stand tough where traditional batteries may fail, managing increased electrical demands with optimal cycling performance and reliability. Drivers can turn off engines during rest periods, yet still power in-vehicle features and accessories.

Equally important, Clarios AGM batteries handle the heavy vibration associated with commercial vehicles. Enhanced battery life means an enhanced bottom line, especially when you consider one semi-trailer may require two to eight batteries.

Finally, Clarios batteries enable a circular economy. Up to 99% of the materials in our lead-acid batteries today can be recovered, recycled and remade. And by using recycled raw materials, we lower energy and greenhouse gas emissions 90%. 

The Clarios portfolio currently offers solutions for 80% of medium and heavy-duty vehicle applications. We’re the leading global battery supplier to OEs and the aftermarket. And we’re building on our 130-plus years of experience to continue advancing batteries that are the right choice, the smart choice, for today’s commercial trucking fleets—and tomorrow’s.

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